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Package A: Life of HAPPINESS and PURPOSE

 “The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ―Terry Orlick


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With my “Result-Driven Happiness Package“, you will learn simple tips and tested ways to live a happier life, improve your well-being and life satisfaction. You will be equipped with the proven techniques and tools to peel off the layers of limitations that block most people from fully living a life of happiness and long-lasting joy. Take action now to get the exact blueprint I have used for years to guide clients to find true, lasting happiness. Unlock the doors to a flow of happiness or peace no matter the situation. Unleash true happiness today!

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There are certain people who seem to be happy all the time. It seems like stressful situations just bounce off them and that they always seem to see the positive even in negative situations. I am sure you want to experience more joy and happiness in your daily life—who doesn’t?! Well, if you are committed to creating a life of balance, fulfillment, and a true, lasting joy for yourself, this “Result-Guaranteed Happiness Package” is for you. With this package, you will have proven techniques to unleash the happiness that is within you. It’s your natural state to be in joy. However, it’s often covered up by layers that are blocking you to create lasting happiness. In just 6 sessions, you will get the big picture and fully be equipped to peel off these layers and uncover the secrets to finding happiness or peace no matter what is going on around you. You will identify and change any beliefs and patterns that are causing you unhappiness. You will stop living everyone else’s dreams, and feeling unfulfilled, and instead, embrace your own true path to happiness. You will learn tools to help you choose your emotions and feel good at any moment. The validity and reliability of these techniques are both scientifically research-based and experience-based. Let me walk with you on this journey to cultivate the skills you need to always fill and refill your Happiness Tank. You will be totally equipped to:

  • Identify your TRUE desires, not limited by external influences.
  • Release any limiting beliefs, patterns and habits that might be holding you back.
  • Develop a success identity that helps you live in alignment with who you really are.
  • Learn emotional control and how to stop living in any negative memories from the past or worrying about the future so you can experience happiness right now.
  • Take your power back with emotional self-control so you can feel good, no matter what is going on around you.
  • Grasp the science of psychology and happiness. Learn simple tips and proven ways to live a happier life, improve your well-being and life satisfaction.

Number of Sessions: 6

FREE: Individualized journey assessment/plan, Handbook/Workbook, Worksheets, Wrap-up Tool Kit, Follow-up sessions/accountability partner.


Living a purpose-driven life is essential for our success and happiness. The question, “What is my Life Purpose or “How can I find meaning in my life?” remains to be one of the most fundamental questions that all of us will ask at some point in our life journey. Why? As humans, the urge to understand the meaning of our existence on earth is embedded in our nature. Fulfillment truly completes success. Living life to the fullest is totally possible. Find meaning in it all with this “Living Boldly & Fully Package.“Be Happy… Be Purposeful!

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A successful life that is guided by purpose and meaning lives in true completeness. Using proven, powerful tools and strategies over the years, I have helped thousands of people discover and live a full Life of purpose and meaning. With this “Living Boldly and Fully Package“You will have the proven practical steps, techniques, and tools to help you:

  • Overcome the conditioning and negative patterns picked up early in life.
  • Discover what you’re made for through exploring your passions and interests.
  • Capitalize on your talents and skills and how you can use your gifts to make a difference.
  • Explore insights from understanding your personality type.
  • Find meaning within your life. changing experiences and powerful coincidences.
  • Eliminate limiting belief systems and empower you to take your power back.
  • Gain your life’s full PURPOSE by bringing together all of the above elements into a clear statement of purpose and write your personal manifesto as a powerful declaration of intent.

Number of sessions: 6

Note: Sessions, price, and Duration could be adjusted accordingly.

FREE: Individualized journey assessment/plan, Handbook/Workbook, Worksheets, Wrap-up Tool Kit, Follow-up sessions/accountability partner.

Package B: DARE to DREAM

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn


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Get the tools and practical techniques to boost your Willpower and CARE (Commitment, Assessment, Resilience, Excitement) to create effective goals and execute them. With my proven 98% Goal Success Package and Dare to Dream Challenge, your success is guaranteed! You’ll be equipped to develop goals that inspire you and pull you forward instead of having you constantly pushing against resistance to change. Being your accountability partner, you can create your dreams by breaking down goals into achievable steppingstones that keep you motivated to face the inevitable challenges that arise.

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Let’s set Result-Driven Goals! The 4-Steps summary to your Goal Success:

  • DESIRE/DARE TO DREAM: Help you clearly identify what you REALLY want (not limited by external influences and negative programming). Find a big enough reason for committing to your goals. Cultivate effective goal setting techniques. Create a compelling vision of your life.
  • BELIEF: you will develop true confidence, resilience, and the mindset to achieve success. You’ll develop faith in yourself and be confident you will achieve your goal. Embrace change and release resistance. Wipe Out all doubt and believe you CAN DO IT. Overcome fear of change, release limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.
  • PLAN: We will work together to create a concrete short- and long-term plan and use weekly tools to stay on track. The 30-60-365 Goal Setting Plan, The Weekly “Ta-Da” List, Creating Accountability.
  • MOTIVATION: You’ll feel motivated, committed and prepared. Overcoming Resistance to Commitment,Procrastination and other Road Blocks. You will be equipped with the best practices and powerful goal setting tools and techniques to help you be successful, achieve your goals, and reach your dreams! Then, follow up sessions to keep you accountable, focused and motivated so that you’ll know you have all the tools and support to follow through and achieve your goal. You won’t just dare to dream, you’ll live it!

Number of sessions: 6

Preferred duration per session: 60 Mins.

Note: Sessions, price, and Duration could be adjusted accordingly.

FREE: Individualized journey assessment/plan, Handbook/Workbook, Worksheets, Wrap-up Tool Kit, Follow-up sessions/accountability partner.

Package C: WOW your LIFE

“Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when, in fact, something extraordinary is taking place.”― Suzy Ross


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Let’s put it all together in one bundle with this “Wow- Life-Transformation Package.” The journey to a true, lasting transformation starts from within but it’s not done in isolation. Life can be exhausting, painful, and dark when trapped in the cell of our resistance to change. And as a transformation life coach, I help others choose to stop surrendering to a life of mediocrity and unfulfillment, and instead discover that their life has a greater purpose. Let’s work together to help you increase those “ah-ha moments” in your life. For internal and external resilience, get the proven processes and tools to navigate life changes and transitions. Your success is guaranteed!

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This is the complete guide to your total transformation from the core. Providing you with proven tools and techniques to help you gain your breakthrough, unleash happiness, uncover your true purpose, set and accomplish your goals and aspirations, create lasting change, master transitions, personal-response ability skills, live life boldly and fully, & be the hero of your life story. Let’s bring it all together for a balanced life. Are you ready to transform your life from the core? You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

  • Complete guide to Happiness, Life Purpose, Goal acomplishment, and Holistic Perosnal Growth: Self-esteem, resilience, growth mindset, and more.
  • Know exactly how to breakthrough old habits and patterns that hold you back.
  • Feel back in control of your life and empowered to be the hero of your own life story.
  • Be unstoppable! Feel confident that you are capable of adapting and learning in order to overcome any challenges, rejection, fear of change, transitions, or difficult decision.
  • Be clear about the link between who you really are and whatyou really want and ready to go for your dreams (no matter what other people think).
  • Love your life! Break through all limitations and remember your forgotten dreams and how to use your talents and passions to develop growth mindset, Self-esteem, and Self-Mastery.
  • Live more authentically, in integrity with your true self. Reach your potential and fulfill your greater purpose.
  • Get unstuck! Finally overcome the old habits and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Number of sessions: Flexible

Preferred duration per session: 60-90 Minutes

Note: Sessions, price, and Duration could be adjusted accordingly.

FREE: Individualized journey assessment/plan, Handbook/Workbook, Worksheets, Wrap-up Tool Kit, Follow-up sessions/accountability partner.


I help cultivate and promote positive, total transformation within organizations. Helping organizations to achieve their strategic objectives, boost leadership capability, and create and manage culture change.

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I help equip and empower vulnerable children, families, and impoverished communities to thrive with dignity rather than being stuck, separated, and dependent. As a global child advocate, I provide support, coaching, partnership, and advice to organizations and government leaders on:

  • How to successfully transition from Residential (Orphanage care) to Family-Based Care.
  • How to shift from ‘Hand-Out’ to ‘Hand-Up’ approaches that create empowerment and reduce dependency.
  • How to meaningfully support Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and Families with result-driven Family Strengthening (empowerment) Tools.

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I deliver speeches that inspire, entertain, and inform people to reflect upon their own lives in profound ways that allow them to take practical steps and make changes that last. Speaking to SET: Serve, Empower &Transform others for success.

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Leading speaking engagements that make a true impact by providing fresh perspectives and actionable steps for transformation. Speaking engagements are done on a wide range of topics. Do you have a specific topic in mind? I’d love to hear it! Let’s talk. Book free intro call or contact:

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