Before we go any further, let’s start with Radical Honesty!

Scroll through the slides below (to the right). Get part of my story: Correcting the Happiness MYTH with the TRUTH.

Ready for a Happy MIND for a Better LIFE?

  • Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who seem to be happy all the time? It seems like stressful situations just bounce off them and that they always seem to see the positive even in negative situations. Do you want to learn how to be one of those people?
  • Obviously, if you’re checking this out, you want to experience more joy and happiness in your daily life—who doesn’t?!

Our Offer…

•We would like to take you through a comprehensive program about how to unleash the happiness that is within you.

•It’s your natural state to be in joy. However, it’s often covered up by layers of limiting beliefs, circumstancess, and programming.

•With this “Happy Life- Better Life” Package, you will see the big picture, and master all 7 of the secrets to happiness that needs to be addressed to create lasting happiness while boosting your inner joy.

In this program, you’ll learn how other people’s beliefs and desires affect your own, how to eliminate unwanted parts of your identity, how time affects happiness, how to free yourself of negative patterns, and solutions to help you control your emotions and create happiness–GUARANTEED!

With newfound awareness, you can develop better coping skills for day-to-day stressors and make decisions that bring you happiness and success in life.

Scroll through the slides below for a brief summary of what you can expect in the 7 Sessions…

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Meet Emmanuel “Nabs” & Kimberly Nabieu

Hi there, it’s nice meeting you! We are Nabs and Kim Nabieu—your soon-to-be partners on this Wow Life Journey of Transformation! (Yes, we’re married AND work together to engage, empower, and transform the next generation for greatness. We LOVE it, and it brings us GREAT JOY!

Just as any young person or young couples, we have each navigated major life lessons and blessings across different cultures and various challenges. And with transformation being a journey, we have continued to transform over the years.

We have come to master simple and powerful tools and practices to help young people unleash their greatest potential, make changes that move them forward, ignite their passions, fully live their life purpose, and accomplish their goals.

We have over a decade of experience in the fields of life coaching and personal transformation as well as working with children, teenagers, young adults, and vulnerable groups of people in our society. Our content is based on our educational background in psychology, social services, development, and leadership.

With our Wow Life “I-CAN-DO” Mindset, our approach is not based on coaching alone but on meaningful partnership. We empower our partners to make changes, overcome circumstances, and enjoy transformation. We focus on developing talents, building strengths, and moving toward self-actualizing goals. We have enjoyed helping thousands of young people focus on character strengths and those things that make life worth living.

We would love to have you on our Wow Life Journey!

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