Speaking to SET: Serve. Empower. Transform.

  • Looking for a speaker with a true mix of fun, education, and transformation?
  • You need messages that are informative, inspiring, engaging, and life-changing?
  • Looking to transform speeches into meaningful conversations that make a true, lasting impact?
  • Looking for a speaker that will provide others with fresh perspectives and actionable steps for real results?

Well, partnering with Nabs to speak or facilitate at your next event will be a game changer.

Relatable. Reliable. Realistic in approach.

On the mission of leaving a legacy of real value, Nabs speaks to SET others up for SUCCESS and TRANSFORMATION. His stories and messages help others reflect upon their own lives in profound ways that allow them to take practical steps and make changes that last.

Keynote and Motivational speaker on a wide range of topics: Personal transformation, Resilience, Vulnerability, Child Welfare, Leadership, Life Purpose, Happiness, Goal Success, and more! He can customize any message to fit any setting. Do you have a specific topic in mind? I’d love to hear it!

As a Global Child Advocate and Care Leader, Nabs enjoys Providing consulting and coaching services to:

  • Help facilitate a successful shift from Residential (orphanage/institutional) Care to Family-Based/Community Programs.
  • Provide advocacy support in partnership with child welfare organizations and government agencies for best care practices for vulnerable children and families.
  • Successfully reunify street-connected children back into families, and helping to smooth out transformation processes.

Featured in TEDx.  Undertaken multiple professional speaking engagements at schools, inspiring young life groups (kids, teenagers, and young adults), churches, and at various types of conferences, workshops, seminars, and events organized by different child welfare organizations, government, and non-government agencies.

Have me speak at your next event. I’d love to share my story, life-changing tips, and experiences to help inspire your audience.

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Public Speaking is one of Nabs’ strengths. He started undertaking official speaking engagements when he was 15. In his various leadership roles as the head boy during his elementary, middle/high school years, he spoke at dozens of schools, and facilitated workshops, social gatherings, church events, academic debates, and competitions. As he grew older, he continued to enjoy sharing his story, experiences, and transformation coaching principles to engage, inspire, and bless others. He is now a well-known speaker in various fields, and he finds joy in connecting with new people and turning speeches into fun and meaningful conversations.

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