Layers of limitations to happiness: Layer 1: Authenticity & Simplicity

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The question, “who are you?” can partly be answered concerning who you are as a person but largely answers your identity, your pattern of behaviors, inner principles, and values. At some point in my life, I used to ask myself many questions like who am I? Why am I here? How did I get here? Where am I going? Questions like these are pavement markings that lead to discovering your authentic self. Authenticity provides answers to the questions, “How true and original are you? How true do you stay to your originality, your abilities, preferences and core values?” It is a matter of accepting your uniqueness, your real you, and be comfortable with that, and this creates simplicity.

Cultivating the skills for resilience while expanding your happiness and life purpose has a lot to do with your authentic and simplified nature. Authenticity being part of an awesome life, Pasricha explains that “when you are authentic you end up following your heart, and you put yourself in places, situations, and conversations that you love and enjoy. You will meet people that you like talking to, and you go to places you’ve dreamed about. You end up feeling very fulfilled as you will follow your heart.” Considering all the distractions around our society today, it can become easy to allow ourselves to be overtaken by the world’s speed, deadlines, and daily situations. It takes discipline, and constant efforts to stay true to yourself especially within this high paced world, and with our chasing dreams mentality.

We need to realize that life is not a game of competition, and we are to live it within the context of our own lives. Comparison impedes our contentment, and it makes it harder for us to accept ourselves and be grateful. Don’t live your life comparing yourself to others. You are original, and you are a unique being because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Sometimes the truth about the truth is that it hurts. We do think that we have forever. But we don’t so let’s don’t waste our own precious time by constantly trying to live the lives of others while we can do so much with our uniqueness. Realize that nobody but you get to truly determine when your old you should end and when your new you should begin. We can stop trying to be like someone else when they are not even permitting us, and we can grant ourselves full permission to be who we are, and this is more fulfilling and rewarding both in the short and long terms.

Therefore, wake up, shake off, and take off to start utilizing your inbuilt boundless abilities to become the architect of your happiness, success, and your life’s true meaning. You were created for a purpose with your specific gifts, and you are a masterpiece in the making. God is not done with you yet. He is still refining you in his timing, and every new day He gives you is a fresh chance and moment for you to fully realize that you have all it takes to become the original of yourself instead of a cheap copy of the original.

It’s about knowing you, and being you! True happiness originates from authenticity and simplicity. Be Authentic. Be Simple. Be you. For you, and be cool with that!

“There is nothing more satisfying than being loved for who you are and nothing more painful than being loved for who you are not but pretending to be.”

– Neil Pasricha

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