Inspirational: Perseverance pays, and the gains = overcoming doubt and fear

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Perseverance pays, realizing your dreams, and overcoming doubt and fear are the gains

We all have all experienced self-doubt at some point in our lives. We experience moments that things don’t seem to be going according to our plans, and we can hold doubt and fear of the uncertainty. Uncertainty is set in when we want to do something but we don’t know what is ahead of us, and this breeds self-doubt. It’s a chain connecting uncertainty to doubt from doubt to hesitation from hesitation to fear from fear to reframing from taking actions to achieve goals and dreams. Some doubts and fear are good because they can prevent us from danger, and it makes sense that we sometimes become scared and afraid because we care about something that we might lose.

We also experience doubts, fear, and doubt as a result of what may have happened to us in the past or what others may have said about us. With doubt existing as one of the states of our minds, it develops when we are at a point that we feel we are unable to control a specific situation. The more control we feel we have over situations, and the more self-confidence we have, the less uncertainty and self-doubt we can experience. Due to our doubts, we sometimes accumulate so much fear and apply it to situations and people that may just be intending to criticize our ability or limit our zeal from pursuing our dreams.

Let’s end with this funny story I came across some time ago:
Title: Don’t fear the devil. He has nothing
🐰🐰 A Rabbit entered a shop and asked: “Do you have carrots?”. They said, “no we don’t have.” The following day the rabbit came to the shop and asked again, “Do you have carrots?” They replied angrily, ” We said we don’t have carrots!” If you come back again asking, we are going to call the police!” The third day the rabbit came yet again and asked, “Do you have a phone? They replied, “NO.” Then he calmly asked, “Do you have carrots?” 😉🤣😅😂 Don’t let the devil scare you, he doesn’t have anything. Just pursue your dreams. 🐰 Have a fabulous smiling moment.

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