Inspiration: Wake up! Shake off! Take off!

Inspirational: Wake up! Shake off! Take off!

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Wow!! What a day to be able to wake up, wiggle my toes, blink my eyes, and I can move!

Affirmation: Today is going to be an amazing day. Yesterday had its challenges and blessings. Today is that day to transform those challenges into vital lessons and magnify those blessings.

Things might not go according to your expectations, and they may be beyond your control. BUT you can control your ATTITUDE, which controls your emotions and reactions to those things. Let’s learn to be quick to count our blessings more than the way we are quick to count our disappointments and frustrations.

When we go through pain, disappointments, and frustrations, we sometimes think that we have nothing left, we think that we are done, and we think that everything is ruined. We forget to realize that we still have what is so valuable, important, and a precious gift: LIFE! We do forget that life was here when those things came and left, and life will be here when new things will come in. As long as you are not dead and gone, you are not done! Once your heart is still breathing, you can still be doing, moving, and going. So, get moving, get going, and doing! God has a purpose for your life! Life is beautiful and fragile, and you can fit in between that beauty and fragility.

It’s a new day, a new week, a new chance! You are worthy and useful. Just because someone fails to see your worth, that doesn’t decrease your value in any way. If we start counting our blessings the way we count our pains, we will also come to realize that life is not only hard, tough, and messy… But life can also be simple, soft, beautiful, and sweet. We have been blessed beyond measure, and we get blessings that we don’t even ask for. God sees your hurting heart, and he is in the process of making amends.

You are amazing!!

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