Inspiration: You are Priceless!

You are the most valuable creation!

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You are not what others say you are. You are what God says you are: His valuable treasure! And He created you to look like him and gave you the power over the fish, the birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small. He created your needs first so that you will come to meet them up and running. You are his most precious and treasured gift, and He even took time to rest and to refresh so that He will use his best design and energy to create you. You are loved, valued, and cherished!

Don’t give up your hope, your worth, your value; and your usefulness. You cannot eliminate yourself because you belong to your creator. Regardless of what’s going on, there is always a reason to hope. Hope gives you the strength to walk away from failure and move to your success. Pass On a portion of your smile, goodwill, and joy. Yes, you may have been knocked down but that is not the same as being knocked out except if you fail to get up. You may not be on the same page with others but remember that you are all in the same book. Only God can truly see the beginning and end of your situation. He’s always in the process of preparing you for your next step. You may not see it now because of your situation. But as you move ahead you will come to realize his abundant blessings.

Don’t worry about the size of your success or your level or your current platform. Think about the size and strength of your belief and think, about the impact you will make. Take a step today to reach your dream; to reach your goals and this will open doors of creativity and actionable solutions. Your steps today bring you to a hopeful and optimistic platform. You are not worthless. You worth everything! You are not useless. You are useful to the world, to yourself and to others. Just because someone, somewhere fails to see your usefulness and your worth, that doesn’t decrease your value in any way.

You were created with value and your creator looks at you and says you are good. You can have a bad day, things may go wrong, mistakes can happen. That doesn’t make you valueless, it makes you human, and humans are not perfect, and we learn from the mistakes, and come up back stronger than before

What about the opportunity to wake up every morning, turn on the faucets and get clean water, have something to eat, have a job, have family, friends, you have a place to sleep, you have good health. You can see, you can walk. Above all…you have Life! Things come, and go, problems come and go. Your life surpasses them all. So, you are not done! You are still breathing. So, keep moving. Keep going!

 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10). God is not done with you yet. He is still working on you, refining you in His own timing. He is not done writing your script, and every chapter can be a good read.

So… be strong, and be courageous. Give yourself some RESTRelax, Enjoy the moment, Stay steadfast in what you do, and be Thankful!

Give your life the chance to unleash those wow moments.

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Kim and Nabs are a young couple who are passionate about engaging, empowering, and transforming the next generation for greatness. They offer transformation coaching services that are guaranteed to help teens and young adults discover their greatest potential, transform from within, create lasting changes, accomplish life goals, and live their best lives.

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