Maximizing Joy through the beauty and complexity of Life: Its Hardness. Its Awesomeness

The beauty and complexity of Life: Its Hardness. Its Awesomeness

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Maximizing Joy through the beauty and complexity of Life: Its Hardness. Its Awesomeness

It is true! We all have this belief that life is hard, really hard. Do we all also hold the belief that life is awesome? It’s about doing a quick check on how often we talk about life’s hardness, and how often we talk about its goodness. Life comes with challenges and opportunities – that’s the fact. But how do we start becoming more of “multipliers” of life’s numerous blessings and less of “diminishers” of its goodness? This happens when we intentionally start noticing life’s goodness, and opportunities around us every day. This happens when we voluntarily choose to talk passionately, and excitedly about the blessings and opportunities life offers just the way we choose to intensely and consistently talk about the pains and challenges we experience in life. This happens when we become quick to notice and talk about the blessings in life just as the way we quickly notice pains we go through.

Pain teaches us something, and we feel it immediately so we tend to notice it. As a result, it becomes easy for us to express that “life sucks! Life is hard! Life is painful! Life is tough!” We experience pain, hardship, and obstacle in life, and we put them on the tangibility spectrum of life. We tend to put the blessings, and opportunities we get from life on the intangibility spectrum. We can maximize our joy and happiness when we intentionally cultivate the mindset to frequently recognize and feel the intangibility of the blessings and opportunities around us.  We don’t have to wait until we experience drought before we can notice life’s goodness in the form of the clean water some of us get so easily. The circumstances of life can be tough but you are tougher. They can be challenging but you are the change maker. They can bring pains but you can earn gains with the right mindset and attitude. If we do not need to be that smart to figure out or notice the pain, and challenges around, we do not need to be that smart to also notice the blessings, and opportunities all around us.

Life’s beauty lies in its challenges mixed with its greatness, awesomeness, and goodness. Consistently focusing on life’s hardness makes it harder for us to even recognize the everyday blessings we get. Most times, when we get something simple, we tend not to notice it because we didn’t go through a hard life to get it. We normally only think to add value to something that we work very hard for or go through a struggle. We can learn to recognize the everyday blessings – the everyday life, when you get to wake up, the water you have to drink, your senses to see, smell, touch, and feel, you have friends, family, and more. Notice those small things.

Noticing the complexity of life: Its hardness and awesomeness can maximize your daily joy and happiness. This happens when we start reducing how often we complain about life in general and start increasing how often we express gratitude. Research shows that the average person complains 30 times a day, and this weakens our joy and strengths. On the other hand, gratitude maximizes our happiness. It’s is about cultivating the mindset that will intentionally notice and talk about things we are grateful for rather than spending more energy and time complaining about those we are unhappy with. It’s about steering our minds in a positive direction for us to unleash greater happiness and success.

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