You Are Not Done!

Nurture your Multipliers, Overcome your Diminishers & Self-Examine for a Change.

In our day to day interactions, people and situations can either multiply or diminish us by limiting or empowering our abilities, energy, efforts, and strengths. Check out the video below for more information on this.

Instead of quitting, and thinking that you are done, reconsider the following three fundamental aspects:

  1. Recognize your “Multipliers” and then increase and nurture them.
  2. Recognize your “Diminishers” and then reduce and overcome them.
  3. Reexamine the three core elements for self-examination for a change: Belief system, Desire/motivation, Action.

Stay strong and courageous!

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Published by Nabs and Kim Nabieu!

Kim and Nabs are a young couple who are passionate about engaging, empowering, and transforming the next generation for greatness. They offer transformation coaching services that are guaranteed to help teens and young adults discover their greatest potential, transform from within, create lasting changes, accomplish life goals, and live their best lives.

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