Be Strong & Courageous! No Quitting!

6 useful choices

What choice are we making during life circumstances? Remember that holding on or giving up, winning or losing in life has a lot to do with the alignment of our attitude and mindset with our DESIRES (what we want), BELIEFS (we can), MOTIVATION (we want to), and ACTIONS (doing). Here are six useful choices:

Choose to stay encouraged, motivated, and empowered to resiliently COME OUT STRONGER as you embrace uplifting and empowering thoughts.

Choose to OVERCOME those “Automatic Negative Thoughts” that would fight to occupy your mind with the spirit of self-doubt, fear, and quitting. Life is beautiful and fragile, and you can fit in between that beauty and fragility because there is always a way to make life beautiful.

Choose to cultivate resilience attitude as you expand your connections, strengthen your optimism, cultivate the ability to regulate your emotions, and cultivate the ability to see failure as helpful feedback.

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Choose NOT to give up easily as you look for the good in every situation. Hold on to your faith, hope, determination, and optimism.

Choose forgiveness and freedom. Cultivate the courage to forgive yourself, and forgive others. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

Choose to use your blessings to bless others. Make every moment counts, and enjoy the journey of life. Minimize complaining and make changes that you can make. Don’t forget to build significance in the lives of others along your journey.

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