Leading Through Tough Times: A Leader’s 4 “Shows” To boost Team’s Confidence & Engagement.

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A Leader’s “4 Shows”: Building Team’s Spirit During Crisis.

Leading when things are normal, comfortable, and pleasing can bring out one side of a leader’s demeanor. The other side can be put to a test when tough times hit, things become abnormal, and leadership becomes even more timely, needed, and right. (Details in video below):

As you lead through a crisis, the stakes continue to become higher. The feelings and emotions of your teammates become tender. What do you show your team to keep their enthusiasm and confidence up?
What leaders show, how they show it, and why they show it significantly influences their team’s ability to function well during a crisis.

Here are 4 essential steps (Shows) to take to build up your confidence and uplift your team to stay engaged, motivated, and empowered. 

Show EMPATHY: Genuinely connect your heart and mind to the situation, and to the feelings, concerns, and desires of your team.

Show Your VISION for the team: Where are they headed?

Show the POINT of your vision: Why should they buy-into this? What are the goals?

Show the FEASIBILITY of the vision: How could this be achieved? What are the strategies?

Throughout the process, establish a 2-way feedback mechanism.

Leadership should be a joy and not a burden. It is not just about learning lessons but it’s about gaining and sharing blessings.

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