Time: Unleashing Joy in your Expecting (Future) moments

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Joy in your Expectations

How high, low, or flexible are your expectations for events and people in your life?

We all have expectations in our lives. Of course, it is good for us to know what we want out of life, what we want from people we interact with, what we want to do in this life, and the direction we want to take.  When all of these expectations are held at the appropriate and flexible level, they become uplifting and healthy for us, our happiness, and others around us. In determining the level of your expectations, look at the vertical line continuum with the three areas: Limiting expectations (too downhill), uplifting or appropriate expectations (flexible), and dangerously limiting expectations (too uphill). The question is: Where do you stand along the continuum?

Too downhill (limiting) expectations:  Having very low or no expectations at all can be limiting to a certain degree. Having expectations drive you to discover what you stand for, why you do what you do, and how you do them. Having very low or no expectations all the time can generally push you to a level that might cause you to waste around either physically, mentally or spiritually.

Too uphill (dangerously limiting) expectations: Being dangerously over expectant for too long can greatly limit your happiness, growth, learning, and grace for yourself and others. You can become too hard on yourself and others. Too much over expectations and imaginations of the future can become the source of frustrations and stress. There are times where being with high or low expectations can be inevitable, but it’s important to adjust appropriately as soon as possible before you start losing purpose, or becoming too complacent, or you start building up stress, frustrations, and disappointments. The higher the expectations you hold for yourself and others at some point, the further away you set yourself from others.

Uplifting (flexible) expectations: Setting your expectations at a flexible level sets you up for successful, happy and fruitful life. Your expectations become uplifting and manageable when they run slightly below the dangerously limiting and above the downhill limiting margins. This can provide you with the ability and flexibility to manage the expectations of people and circumstances. Flexible expectations are about having a grander vision or purpose or reason to hold on to regardless of your expected imaginations or outcomes. Your level of happiness and joy at the moment can fluctuate between how firm you hold onto your grander purpose and how well you can balance your expectations.  

Setting your expectations too high increases your chances of getting swamped in disappointments most of the time. Having no expectations at all or setting them too low might take away the motivation you can have to aspire and accomplish your goals. Therefore, setting your expectations at a flexible level provides you with the right amount of balance that you need to express and validate your emotions, and unleash your happiness as well. The balance between the borders of too high expectations and too low or no expectations can promote your healthy lifestyle, which will be free of the obsession with perfectionism.

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