“Enemies of Progress?” 3 C’s Of How To LET GO.

What is holding you back?

I invite you to watch this video as I share my top 3 tips for letting go of our “Enemies of Progress.”

So, how do we master our inner struggle to let go of those things that might be holding us hostage, hindering our progress, and limiting us from fully unleashing our true joy? Here are 3 C’s:  

Confront your past: The goal is not to forget about your past because this is not practically possible for us as humans with complex emotions, feelings, and thoughts. The goals are for you: 

  1. Not to dwell on your past. Not to wallow in regrets. Not to lack hope and thoughts.
  2. To validate your feelings in uplifting ways. Allow your past to make you & not break you. Come out stronger & admirable & not see yourself as a failure or miserable person.
  3. To gain motivationdirection from your past. Not to have it be of hindrance to your growth. 
  4. To gain Freedom within. For you to let go of excess emotional baggage. 

Confess your “REAL YOU”and Cultivate forgiveness: It’s about having a healthy conversation with who is in the mirror. This is about healing, releasing, and receiving. It starts with letting it out before letting it go. This needs tough courage and radical honesty.

Conditioning and Commitment: For your “Let Go” to be sustainable, you would need to recondition your mind to something uplifting so that you don’t get to go back to what you have already put behind you. Commitment on the other hand is key to making your new you a success. Make four key commitment of reminders for yourself:

  1. You have gained and given forgiveness, and you choose to live in freedom.
  2. To celebrate and appreciate your “New You.”
  3. To embrace kindness and likeness for you and others.
  4. You have let it out and it is gone. It will no longer steal your joy.

Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” 

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