Can old dogs learn new tricks? Can People Change?

Are you getting stuck at a point, and you feel like giving up because you think people don’t change or old dogs don‘t learn new tricks?

I invite you to watch this video as I share top 7 tips for overcoming these limiting beliefs:

Here are 7 tips to overcome your doubt or beliefs that could be limiting your growth, learning, or desire for making a change for your life. These tips provide the foundation of any change action and cycle: 

Beliesystem: Check whether your belief system is limiting or uplifting. Can you do this? Believe that YES you can still learn and you are capable of changing any habits. Only you can truly agree to step out of the old things and step into something new. 

Desire:  Do you want to do this? Are you motivated to do this? As you aspire, cultivate the desire and motivation to follow through. 

Action: Turn solutions into action! Do something! Realize that sometimes action inspires your belief, desire, and motivation. So, just do it! 

Commitment: Don’t give up! It can be hard but realize that the result can be truly transformational. 

Evaluation: check your progress, reset, redirect, readjust, restate, and reignite your passion along the way. 

Celebration: Enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Notice small victories, and make each moment counts.

Expand connections: Don’t get limited! The world has so many amazing people. Expand, and learn from your connections accordingly. Surround yourself with the right connections to boost your confidence, competence, character, and commitment. 

Thank you! You are amazing!

I love reading your comments, learning from your own viewpoint, and feeling your engagement. Feel free to share because it might be of a blessing to someone.

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