4 Critical Leadership Choices

With leadership choices being so powerful, what choices are you making as a leader? In this video, I share 4 critical choices every leader makes whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Every leadership requires the making of choices, and because the attitude of leaders can be contagious, those choices have a profound impact on the effectiveness of the leader. Determining and understanding the power of leadership choices further establishes a deeper understanding of the nature of a leader’s influence, the type of leader that person becomes, the type of leadership style they use, and even how significant of an impact they can make. 

I used to ask both emerging leaders and seasoned leaders key questions, especially when people decide to take up leadership roles or decide to make certain decisions: 

These questions are around four critical leadership choices that every leader makes whether consciously or unconsciously: 

  1. Perception: What choices are you going to make about your perception of those you lead?
  2. Use of status, position, and influence: How do you choose to use your status, position, or influence? 
  3. Focus and mindset: What is the basis of your mindset and focus? 
  4. Nature of impact or legacy: What choices are you making about the nature of your impact or legacy?

When it comes to engaging in meaningful impact making leadership, these questions help us understand why certain people accept a leadership role, the need to appreciate the role, and how and why certain leaders tend to manifest themselves in certain ways within that role. 

It’s good to know that leadership should be a joy and not a burden. It is not just about learning lessons but it’s about gaining and sharing blessings. 

Thank you! You are awesome!

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