At the Heart of Leadership = People + Service

The “Why + Who + What + How + When + Where” of leadership = Serve. Empower. Transform.

Why leadership? Who is involved in it? What does leadership mean to you? How does it work? When and where does leadership happen?

Providing answers to these questions further suggest 3 reasons:

• reason for accepting the leadership role.

• Reason for appreciating the role.

• Reason for manifesting yourself within the role in a certain way.

  1. The Why and Who of leadership:

The “Why and Who” make up the heartbeat of leadership. The “why” refers to the purpose and the “Who” refers to the people.

The purpose of leadership has to do with adding value, building significance, changing the order of things, and unlocking the potential in others. On the other hand, the “who” of leadership has to do with people, building leaders, your outward focus on others, building a life of significance, and leaving a meaningful legacy that endures and replicates.

2. The What and How of leadership:

What is it? What is it about? How does it happen then?

The “what” of leadership has to do with the accumulated knowledge or information around it. The “How” of leadership has to do with the transformation of that knowledge and understanding into actual practices. Learning = knowing=Understanding=Doing/application.

3. The When and Where of leadership:

When and where does it happen

When? The best times to lead include “Every time; a time that involves people whether directly or indirectly and there is a need to make an impact; a time something needs to be changed for the better.

Where? Every given place at every given time is a given opportunity to lead because people are always going to be involved, there is always a need to make an impact, and to change the order of things. Leadership happens every day and everywhere. 

Authentic leadership happens both when things are bright and beautiful, and when things are dark and ugly. That means true transformational leaders do not only enjoy leading when it’s comfortable, calm, and problem free. But they spring into action even when things are uncomfortable, uncertain, and surrounded by problems.

A timely, needed and accurate leadership is every time and everywhere leadership that looks for the opportunity to add value to others, seize every moment in every place to build significance into others, and change the order of things.

Thank you!

Published by Mohamed Nabs Nabieu

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