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Hey there! Let me ask you a question: What do you think about when people say, “Happiness is a choice?” You just say “I choose happiness”, and you will become Mr. or Mrs. Happy. And you can start spreading happiness all over the place. This would be nice!

You and I know that even though this sounds nice and simple, it is a little more than that.
Yes, happiness starts with making CHOICES:

A CHOICE to accept the realities in life (Life’s complexities and beauty). You are not ALWAYS going to be in that good mood that initiates and sustains your happiness. This is because you are a human being with real emotions.

This makes happiness not a complete stable state of mind that exist forever. This means our popular phrase, “happily ever after” freely exists in our imaginary or wishing world, but it struggles to exist in reality.

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A CHOICE to acknowledge the obstacles to happiness: It is also good to acknowledge the fact that it could be hard to choose happiness especially when we are engulfed by extreme poverty, inequalities, pain, and suffering from other natural or artificial hindrances.

We don’t have to accept some of these hindrances, but it’s good to choose to know that they exist so that we are not caught by surprise. Knowing that something exists is a step to fining a way around it. Therefore, happiness starts with the choice to acknowledge the life’s realities, and the choice to be aware of its various impediments that exist.

Now, if the CHOICES bring awareness of WHAT surrounds happiness, then HOW could we still go around to start cultivating daily happiness?

Well, we do this by “Taking Practical Steps.” Yes, our choice to be happy becomes a reality when it is intentionally translated in to taking daily practical steps. Without the practical steps, our choices become mere wishes.

You have also heard the cliché “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This explains that if our “whishes” could make things happen, then everyone would have everything they wanted. Everyone wishes to be happy, but not everyone wishes to take the practical steps to be happy.

So, feeling happy is not just a matter of choice, but it involves the taking of practical steps to make it a reality. In our subsequent posts, we will start looking at some simple but powerful practical steps to take to cultivate daily happiness.
I would love to hear your views. Please leave your comments. Thank you!

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