#1: Daily practical steps: Making a change for happiness

Change is hard, right? But the truth is, change is possible! The desire for change is always around us.

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There was a time as I continued healing through my past life circumstances, I wanted to change some specific aspect of my journey. I wanted to be in a better place to let go, and rewrite my story. We all can aspire for a change. Has there ever been a time in your life when you wanted to make a change, but your level of inspiration was not just enough to initiate it? Or have you started a change process and you really felt like it was something that you could handle, and it was going well, but later you saw yourself going back to the status quo?

We all try to change something to improve the life we live in. But in our attempts, some of us when we do hit obstacles we sometimes feel like quitting. And for some others, they transform those obstacles into avenues for a greater purpose and they do achieve their desired change.

The question is, why is that? So, that brings us to the first practical step:

Step 1: Remember to understand and lead the use of the main tool and catalyst for a change.

And what is that tool? The MIND!

You see, the mind is more powerful than you can imagine. It is always in use. It’s working right now. The mind could be useful or useless depending on how intentional we become about its functions. The first daily practical step is to always remember how to lead its use. Here is the path to a change:

Your MIND is responsible for your THOUGHTS, and your thoughts determine your EMOTIONS. Then your emotions shape your ACTIONS. And in the end, those actions produce the CHANGE you desire.

So, you see, if we are not feeling the desired changes in our lives, it’s good to recheck the thoughts that we are feeding to our minds. Because the mind is always ready to absorb both healthy and unhealthy thoughts.

You Creating a lasting CHANGE starts with you Leading your MIND and THOUGHTS.


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