Daily practical steps to Change and Happiness: #2

Hello there! Here are 3 daily practical steps to overcome Negative Self-Talks with Positive Thoughts as you create change and happiness. Watch the video below:

We are identifying and overcoming those barriers holding us back from creating change and happiness. And we are doing this by taking daily practical steps. Replace your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) with your Positive Empowering Thoughts (PETs) with these 3 practical steps:

  1. Take notice of the limiting thoughts that come up. Don’t ignore them. Noticing when something is not right is the first step to fixing it.
  2. Be intentional about replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Once you notice, take a radical approach to do something about it. Take action. It should not become a stagnant negative pattern. If you carry a baggage of limiting self-talks, the only person it bothers, affects, and holds back is you.
  3. Make it a habit. Track it until it becomes a pattern.

Remember to win that inner fight between your ANTs and PETs. Be intentional about assessing those thoughts inside before you let them go outside. As you think back, remember to notice both the big and small things that you said “YES” or “NO” to. This becomes a pattern and a useful habit. Celebrate your success along the way.

Truth of the day: A realistic goal requires work to gain a realistic result. Meaning,
meeting our dreams, our goals, and our desires does require us to be intentional about taking practical steps.

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Kim and Nabs are a young couple who are passionate about engaging, empowering, and transforming the next generation for greatness. They offer transformation coaching services that are guaranteed to help teens and young adults discover their greatest potential, transform from within, create lasting changes, accomplish life goals, and live their best lives.

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