4 Ways To Activate Your Mood For An Awesome Week: Mirror Talk

How do we show up complete and whole for ourselves and others in our busy world today? Here is a simple but powerful practical tool to do this for a happy week: Mirror Talk!

Mirror conversation simply means standing in front of the mirror to direct your focus. Honest Mirror Talk gives you the freedom to confront the real you. When you show up authentically and completely for yourself while you are alone, it makes it easier to be complete and whole when you are with others.

Win the attitude from the inside first and then reflect the glory on the outside.


It ignites healing, inspiration, and transformation. You can have mirror conversation anytime- every morning, or at the beginning of a new week.

How do you do this?

First Step: Unedited Conversation with yourself in front of the mirror: 

Stand in front of the mirror and look at the other person you are about to have an honest conversation with (that’s YOU). It’s time to show yourself some love, grace, and compassion. It’s normal that we tend to treat and look at our best friends with more grace and compassion, but we tend to judge ourselves harshly and with some form of ridicule. Remember that your first true best friend is yourself. Here are 4 ways or steps to consider (you can add or subtract as you see necessary):

  1. Gratitude: A grateful heart is a joyful heart. Focus on gratitude. List 3 things you are grateful for this morning or last week? It doesn’t have to be big. It could be you waking up, the running water, comfortable bed, coffee awaits you, money in your wallet, having a job, having a family, waking up next to someone, etc. Gratitude gladdens the heart!

Start by saying your name, and then come up with 3 different endings for the following sentence:

__________, I’m grateful for/that…


Nabs, I’m grateful that you got out of bed this morning. Nabs, I am grateful that you have a family. Nabs, I’m grateful that you have running water. 

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2. Good Pride: Take the time to humbly recognize what you have accomplished. That is a good pride. You should be proud of your work! That’s a source of self-motivation. What are you proud of? It is not a bad idea to notice the progress (little or big) you have made and are making every day. You see the good in others and become happy for them. You also deserve the right to notice the blessings and accomplishments in your own life. Your God will be pleased for acknowledging that. Forgiving yourself is also a huge accomplishment. Forgiving others can be challenging but forgiving ourselves can be even more difficult. We tend to keep beating ourselves up for our mistakes and regrets over and again. Show yourself some grace and compassion and choose to leave your regrets and mistakes behind. That is a huge accomplishment to be proud of. 

Start by saying your name, and then come up with 3 different endings for the following sentence:

___________, I’m proud of you for/that…


Joe, I’m proud of you for having the courage to stand in front of the mirror today. Joe, I’m proud of you that you are making an impact. Joe, I’m proud of you for choosing to forgive yourself for what happened.  

3. Acknowledge “Within Control and Out of control.”: Acknowledge and accept what is within your control and what is beyond your control. Look at the activities you are planning to do today or this week. Acknowledge and accept what falls within your control and outside of it. What about the meetings you are to attend? What about the places you have planned to go to? What about the people you have planned to meet or interact with? List some things that you think you can influence or control today. List those that you don’t have control over. Be very realistic when it comes to identifying what falls within your control and what doesn’t. What is stressing you out? Can you control it? What is most important to you, and what can you do about it?

Acknowledge and accept the realities: I acknowledge and accept that things could go well as planned or something could go wrong. But, in either case, I am focusing on choosing my attitude. Accept that you may not have control over what may happen today, but you certainly have control over how you choose to react to what happens. Avoid joy limiting expectations. Acknowledge your level of expectations: Refrain from setting very high expectations that could steal your joy when they are not met. Refrain from setting very low expectations that could drain your motivation. Instead, focus on setting flexible expectations.

Start by saying your name, and then come up with 3 different endings for the following sentence:

___________, I acknowledge/accept that…


Amy, as you go out today, you can acknowledge and accept that you can control “your own” behaviors, actions, and words. Amy, you also acknowledge and accept that your plans could go accordingly or not. Amy, you also acknowledge and accept the fact that you don’t have control over other people’s behaviors and other unforeseen situations that may happen

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4. Commitment: What commitment are you making for yourself this week? I know you have heard people say happiness is a choice. But it’s much more than that, right? Because if it were just a matter of choice then everyone would just say I choose to be happy and they would live happily. The choice has to go with practical commitment. That is, intentionally taking steps to make the choice a reality. What practical steps are you going to take to make your commitment a reality? As you make the verbal commitment, also write down some practical steps that you can take to make your commitment a reality. 

If you can show up complete and authentic with yourself when you are alone, you can show up whole and complete when you are with others.


Start by saying your name, and then come up with 3 different endings for the following sentence:

______, I commit to you today that… 


Example: John, I commit to you that today you will show up strong and happy. John, I commit to you that you will not allow anything/anybody to steal your joy. John, I commit to you that you will choose to show up authentically. 

Final Step: Written summary of your main points under each section.

Remember that written goals or commitment have a higher chance for success. Make A quick summary of your points. It could be a word or two or short phrases to remember for the week/day. Put this final list somewhere that you can easily see. This will serve as a visible reminder.

Plans come to life when they are acted upon. Taking practical steps to turn your plans, solutions and commitment into action makes the difference.


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