Overcoming 3 Most Common Fears that Drain Your Motivation.

We seek motivation from others, but the true motivation that endures as we set to achieve our goals comes from within. Self-motivation is essential for tapping into our success, happiness, and life purpose. When we are not self-motivated to accomplish our aspirations, the tendency for outside influencers to draw us into mediocrity increases. The biggest killer of self-motivation is FEAR! Understanding these 3 common fears can help you overcome them:


Fear of the Unknown

What are you afraid of? You don’t know. How do you know? By finding out. Use the fear-setting activity to learn more about this. All the feelings and thoughts around the fear of the unknown are in our heads. The thoughts you are feeding into your mind are creating these negative feelings and beliefs. Over time, these limiting beliefs become deep-rooted in the mind and increase the level of fear in us. The good news is that these limiting beliefs can be changed as we start to question their existence. Here are two aspects to consider when overcoming this fear: 

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The first aspect has to do with questioning your fear and underlying beliefs: Questioning our beliefs is not wrong, but not being intentional to question them from time to time is what makes it wrong. Most of the fears are not based on reality. They are based on assumptions and generalizations. The fear of the unknown is especially based on what we perceive might happen in the future. It could also be based on the belief we have accumulated from childhood. Because your childhood has passed and the future has not occurred yet, it becomes an opportunity for you to face your fears, take them before the court, and question them. Ask questions like: Do I have concrete evidence that supports my fear of the unknown? Is there concrete evidence to show that I will fail and my fear of the unknown will be right? Have I ever successfully coped with uncertainty?


The second aspect is about defining the fear and its triggers. First, know what is causing your fear. Second, determine the impact it’s having on you. Third, identify what the worst outcomes will be if what you are afraid of ends up happening. Finally, brainstorm ways to minimize risk and ways in which you can cope with the hurdles if you end up facing them. 


Fear of Failure

This is another common fear that tends to hold us back from creating change. Again, to deal with this, it comes back to your perception of failure. Failure is one of the main components of success. During the journey of growth and success, failure happens. But this doesn’t mean your journey is a failure. Perceive failure as a learning vehicle that takes you to your ultimate destination. Examine the cause of the fear. Does it have anything to do with pride? Are you worried about what others might think of you if you fail? Does this have anything to do with childhood criticisms when you failed and now you are afraid to embrace risk?

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Fear of Rejection and Criticism

The fear of being rejected or criticized holds many people from reaching for what they want. By avoiding possible rejection, denial, or criticism some people simply hide their true abilities and potential within. Most people lose their uniqueness, creativity, and passion due to the fear of rejection and criticism. As you try to overcome this fear, check yourself with these questions: Do I depend on the approval of others for my self-worth or motivation? Do I always want to conform? Do I have a strong need for approval and social acceptance? Am I trying too hard just to have my appearance, behaviors, and values be perceived as “normal?” Cultivate the courage to ask: For you to reach your goals, be courageous to ask others for support, participation, and commitment. Do not give up! Understand that “No” doesn’t mean you give up or stop pushing. It simply means “Next Option,” “New Opportunities.” Understand that “We can’t help you” doesn’t mean “you can’t” seek other avenues.

Thank you for transforming with us!

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I appreciate your amazing partnership on this journey. We are taking simple but powerful practical steps for holistic transformation. I love reading your comments and learning from you. Let me hear your thoughts.

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