Say No to Procrastination: “Fear-Pain-Pleasure” Framework.

The force from the “Fear-Pain-Pleasure” framework influences our daily actions and decisions. It induces excitement and motivation in us to make a change or take the next step. It also creates fear in some people which causes them to keep putting things off or get stuck in old limiting patterns. We slowly allow fear and procrastination to swallow our plans when we know what to do or what action to take to effect a change, but we don’t. Are you getting caught in the “Fear-Pain-Pleasure” Web?


We mainly procrastinate for three broad reasons: The “FPP” Web.


FEAR of the unknown or uncertainty. Cultivate the resilient skills on how to face your fear and overcome it. See the fear-setting activity.


PAIN we associate with making the change or taking an action to do something.


PLEASURE we associate with being in the old and limiting pattern or “Comfort Zone.”

Strengthen your strengths and overcome procrastination using the Free “Fear-Pain-Pleasure framework (FPP)” Worksheet:

In addition to fear, you are not doing something or taking the practical steps that you know you should be taking because you see doing it as creating more pain than not doing it. You can envision the life you wish to live, the person you were meant to be, the changes you want to make, but you keep putting off the courage to take practical steps to make it happen. You put things off each time you assume the pain you will feel if you step out of your comfort zone or attempt to make necessary changes.

Cultivating a new habit or making a change: Evaluate the pleasure you are getting from the present status. Overcome the assumed fear you are associating with leaving the status quo. Highlight the benefits that await you when you take the next steps.

View it this way: The next time you start noticing that your FEAR and assumed PAIN are preventing you from moving forward, see it as a catalyst to speed up the need to ACT. This is where you need to strengthen your strengths and set yourself to TAN (Take Action Now!):

Strengthen your Belief System.

Believe that you possess powerful innate abilities to make a change. Your willpower and resilience are strong enough to power you through if you make up your mind to take the next steps. Believe that you CAN DO IT! Feed your mind with positive empowering thoughts to overcome those automatic negative thoughts and see how your actions will produce the amazing changes you have desired.

Strengthen your self-motivation and change how you think about pleasure and pain.

You can induce an uplifting feeling of motivation that can help you overcome the spirits of fear and procrastination. This happens when you decide to change the way you perceive pleasure and pain. Just like any old habit, to stop procrastination, think about how you have been affected by it in the past, how it’s affecting you now in the present, and how you will be affected in the future. For example, if it is not causing you enough pain NOW to stop procrastinating, you can link it to the pain that comes next… the failure, setbacks, heartaches, disappointments, lack of progress, embarrassment… that you will experience if you continue doing it or if you continue to stay in the old pattern.

“When we want to let go of old patterns or put the past behind us in a healthy manner, we need to be intentional to notice how we’re reacting to how we’re feeling in the moment.”


Realize that you need a change especially when you are always doing the same thing in the same way and getting the same results that you are not pleased with. In simple terms, if you are not taking action because of the pain you associate with it, you need to shift your focus to the pain you will experience if you DO NOT take action. Once you shift your focus, you can then associate pleasure with the outcome you want. In this case, DOING whatever you have been putting off or procreating about. You can now focus on the benefits you will get once you make the change or take action.

Strengthen your “Big Why” and ACT (Action Changes Things!).

What is your “big why?” Understand the deeper reason for doing what you’re doing. Empower your motivation and spring into action, and DO IT! Sometimes all it takes is to just start doing something and the right belief and motivation will come along. It starts with setting your specific target, establishing your flexibility and commitment, and taking daily practical steps in the right direction. Remember your pace and not the race. As you get closer to your target, you see that the pain of not doing it or completing it seems greater, and so you finally do it.

You are not in a RACE. Focus on your PACE.


In goal settings or change-making processes, procrastination and fear are among the biggest obstacles. This is one of the main reasons to have a BIG ENOUGH REASON behind what you’re doing. Once you have overcome your old pattern or done what you have been putting off for a long time, it then becomes a perfect time to put together your positive vision statement or manifesto to remind yourself of your new you. Put together a short but powerful and positive statement that will serve as a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It’s your turn! Thank you for being part of this journey as we transform together. I enjoy reading all your comments and thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

Take Action Now!

Overcome Procrastination.


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