Changing your disabling beliefs with the “Self-Talk Interrupt” Formula.

Your beliefs can be changed. You can start right now to change any limiting or disabling beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life you want. Use this practical and simple “Self-Talk Interrupt” formula to help you overcome any disabling beliefs that may be holding you back:

Identify underlying beliefs/self-talk:

When you think of situations where you feel helpless, unfit, or lacking confidence, be smart to identify the underlying beliefs or self-image or self-talk that keep running your mind. For example: “I’m not good enough,” I’m too young/old for this,” I don’t have a college degree so I can’t do that,” I’m not in the right shape to carry this out.”

Identify evidence supporting those beliefs:

As you say out these old voices, also remember to evaluate what makes them true. Sometimes, our beliefs are not even supported by concrete evidence. They are mostly based on assumptions and generalizations due to past events or the self-talk and self-image we have accumulated from birth. Select one of the limiting beliefs. Find and list down all the evidence/references that support it.

Why do you hold such a belief? Is it a belief you got for yourself or passed down from someone else? How has it been helpful/harmful to you in any way? Have you ever questioned its source and usefulness?

Interrupt the old and introduce the new voice:

Then decide to believe something different about that belief. Believe the opposite view. For example, if you had the limiting belief that says: “I’m not good at anything,” decide that from now on, your new empowering belief will be: “I’m good at many things.”

Realize that when it comes to positive and negative thinking, what you focus on is what will expand. Your job is to choose to focus right.


Create a sentence that shows your positive belief and affirm this to yourself repeatedly. As you continue to repeat your new empowering belief statement, it will enhance your self-image, and this will free you from the prison of a limiting belief system.

Remember to use the 3 P’s component to create each new empowering sentence (belief)


Personalized it. Make it personal. It’s about you. Use the word “I”.

Present tense:

Make it as if it is happening now. You are now living a new life. Use the word “am”. (I am….) 


Use a positive description. (I’m a great dancer. I’m a healthy person.”)

Write it down and be passionate about it

Gain your breakthrough: Write down three empowering statements about yourself. Get excited about them. They don’t necessarily mean they are true and happening right now. They are statements that you would like to be true about yourself. Those are feelings or places you would like to be. The mind doesn’t’ know any better. It believes whatever you train it to believe.

When you repeatedly claim these positive things, you will put your mind in a thinking mode, “Hmm. Why is she saying she is a great singer when she has not been singing? I guess I need to start working in that direction to make her a great singer.” Your mind will then get to work to boost your self-motivation, reduce your fear and increase your ability to be where you want to be.

Make the change to stick: Be intentional. Repeat the process until the new belief is firmed.

Each time you find yourself behaving in the old (limiting) way, or even thinking that way, you must stop that voice in your head and replace it immediately with a new empowering one even when it is not true yet. Identify the disabling belief. Notice yourself when you start expressing it. Stop the old voice immediately it starts. Replace it with your new empowering belief/sentence (even if it is not true yet.) See, feel, and experience the rewards of your new belief. Enjoy the rewards as if you already had them. This is called the “self-talk interrupt” formula.

Note: Because it may have taken you time to accumulate your old, limiting belief, it may also take you some time to construct and concretize your new empowering beliefs. Be patient and intentional to allow your new liberating beliefs to settle in. You must be intentional about stopping the old belief each time it’s about to happen, replace it immediately with the new belief, and repeat the new uplifting statements about yourself many times.

It’s your turn! Thank you for being part of this journey as we transform together. I enjoy reading all your comments and thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

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