Reevaluating Your Underlying Beliefs to Boost Your Personal Happiness and Growth:

It is important to understand how our beliefs are formed and the impact they can have on our journey to uncovering our purpose, happiness, and success. Our formed self-images and beliefs can either BOOST or DIMINISH the growth of our potential and freedom. It’s also important to understand that not all beliefs are disempowering or false. Some beliefs we hold are very empowering. They are true or are based on things that really happened. And we can continue to boost them. We can change those that tend to hold us back or diminish our growth.

Remember these 4 stages of repurposing your underlying beliefs:

Identify the origin of your Belief System:

Each belief is developed and evaluated in stages. Generally, our beliefs were first evaluated at the beginning of our lives when we’re very innocent. Various “experts” of our lives (parents, teachers, friends, community elders, etc.) evaluated everything that we did. We accepted and recorded their opinions as gospel truths. We never had time to question whether their opinions or beliefs about our own lives were true or not. List down your underlying beliefs. Identify those that are empowering and continue to boost them for your growth. Then pick out those that are disempowering and revaluate them for a change.

Make use of your Re-evaluation opportunity:

You have now grown up. You have also recognized the origin and impact of each of your underlying beliefs. You are again presented with the liberating opportunity to reevaluate whether those well-meaning people were real experts concerning your abilities. You now have the golden opportunity to decide whether those beliefs you got from them are boosting or diminishing your potential. Evaluate to see if they are moving you forward to your happiness and purposeful life or holding you back in any way. Maybe they are doing both.

Re-evaluate your Comfort Zone (self-image):

If you find out that most of the underlying beliefs you have accumulated over the years and continue to accumulate are holding you back, you may be getting comfortable with them. You may be operating within the limits of your self-image and it becomes real for you. This may have become your comfort zone, where you think you enjoy safety, security, and protection. This makes you get stuck. However, remember that sometimes, our comfort zones can be unsafe places. People could feel safe and secure in jail, but surely nobody would want to stay in prison forever. Check to see if you have become emotionally attached to your limiting beliefs. Are you experiencing benefits or emotional payoffs for keeping your limitations around?

Re-evaluate your choices and FREE yourself:

Remember that you always have the keys in your hands to free yourself from any imagined prison that is holding you back from creating lasting change. Your choice matters! Ask yourself whether you have chosen to stay in the prison of self-talk, self-beliefs, and self-image. Because you can choose to free yourself from that imagined prison to live freely and boldly. You can choose to change from limiting beliefs to enjoy empowering beliefs and behaviors. So, CHOOSE to flip things around and build up supporting evidence to solidify your new, empowering beliefs.

It’s your turn! Thank you for being part of this journey as we transform together. I enjoy reading all your comments and thoughts. I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below to Join the conversation.

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