Looking to Stay Motivated? Identify What Demotivates you: The 3’P’s.

To meaningfully solve a problem, an excellent starting point is knowing what is causing it. Therefore, to stay motivated, we need to know what tends to demotivate us. What drains your energy? What sucks up your motivation? You have the desire to take the next step, but you lack the motivation and energy to make it happen. You feel stuck, you start putting things off, fear settles in, and your dreams keep going further away from being reached. Start by identifying what or who is draining your motivation. Where are those demotivators mainly coming from?

Check out the 3 P’s for main sources of demotivators:

Personal (Self):

Check to see if you are the best booster or diminisher of your self-motivation? Here are some clues:  You often cry yourself down. You belittle yourself. You are too harsh on yourself when you make mistakes. You engage in self-limiting talks. You think you are not good enough and you don’t have enough. Start replacing those negative thoughts with uplifting, motivating thoughts and affirmations. You are worthy. You deserve grace and compassion for yourself. You can make mistakes and learn from them. You can forgive yourself just as you tend to forgive others. You are capable of accomplishing great things. Greatness lies in you. You can do it!

Live boldly. Be you. Be original. Be authentic.


People (others):

Are people your main source of demotivation? Check to see how other people are holding you back from you being you. Are you always seeking approval from others? Are others’ behaviors, their thoughts about you, and ability affecting you? Is the fear of being different or not fitting into what others think is “normal” draining your energy and inspiration to live life boldly? We can overcome this because we always have a choice to what degree we decide to have someone in our life. Start by identifying the diminishers and multipliers in your life. Identify those people that tend to diminish or demotivate you. Those that tend to suck out your creative juices. For your multipliers, surround yourself with those that tend to boost your energy. They multiply your efforts. They believe in your ability. They believe in who you are.

Your dreams and potential must not be knocked down by the limiting thinking and behaviors of others.


Patterns and situations:

As humans, we do overindulge in certain things or behaviors that suck up our time and energy. And this drains our motivation for pursuing our goals. It limits us from creating lasting change. And it demotivates us from taking the practical steps to become our true selves. First, identify the reason behind it. You see, sometimes we put up with unhelpful patterns and situations for three broad reasons among others: the feeling of obligation, finding excuses for not taking action, and satisfying our coping needs. Second, check the misleading benefits you are deriving from them. Are those patterns being used as coping mechanisms? Are they being used as avoidance mechanisms to avoid doing what you know you want to do?

The good news: You can choose to overcome any limiting patterns. You can choose to have true, lasting benefits by overcoming those constraining patterns. Ask yourself: What am I doing in order to avoid working to become a better me? Is there any habit I want to break? What is diminishing my motivation from taking the practical steps? Just like overcoming procrastination, you can start associating more pain to continuing these patterns than the pain you are currently associating with stopping them. It starts with you noticing them and committing to changing them.

Take Action to Overcome Demotivation!

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