8 Powerful Steps to End-of-Year Forgiveness

Beyond all measures, there is no doubt that forgiveness must be one of those end-of-year crucial tasks we must accomplish. End-of-Year Forgiveness provides you with the opportunity to go into a new year with a clean state of mind. It helps you become intentional about letting go of emotional baggage to eliminate the negativity that results from hurt.

When we are looking to transform our lives, one of the most powerful things we can do is to let go of those things that hold us back. And one of those things is the excess baggage that contains grudges, regrets, bad feelings, and resentments that we hold for ourselves and others.

Going into a new year is creating a new phase of your life. And continuing to hold excess emotional baggage can be draining and exhausting mentally and physically. You are the only person that the excess baggage truly bothers and weighs down. It hinders your growth and progress. 

Why Forgiveness?

  • Forgiveness is EMPOWERMENT.
  • Forgiveness is FREEDOM.
  • Forgiveness is GROWTH and PROGRESS.
  • Forgiveness is a transformation HEALING you bring to yourself (not to others). You forgive others so you can be transformed, get well, and then move on.

Forgiveness is releasing the feeling that the other person owes us something and freeing ourselves from anger.

Forgiveness DOES NOT Mean…

  • You are encouraging wrongdoing. 
  • You are letting someone take advantage of you.
  • You are living in denial or forcing yourself to quickly forget what has happened. 
  • The pain will magically be taken away.

How Do You Release the Excess Baggage?

As you prepare to go into a new year, take a moment to reflect on your past actions toward yourself or others. Use the FREE Forgiveness Worksheet Below.

8-Powerful Steps to Forgiveness

Download Your FREE End-of-Year Forgiveness Worksheet.

Forgiveness is challenging, but when you truly understand who it is for, which is you, it becomes easier to start cultivating that genuine spirit of forgiveness.

Forgiveness Exercise: 

Yourself: Many times in our lives, we make mistakes, and we have to forgive ourselves for those mistakes. Sometimes we find it easy to extend grace, compassion, and forgiveness to others, but we find it challenging to bless ourselves with the true gift of forgiveness. Most people have more resentment toward themselves than anyone else.

There are two things that our minds unconsciously do when we feel guilty. One of them is to try to repay or make right our mistake, often excessively. If we think there is nothing we can do to make something right, the second option we choose (unconsciously) is to punish ourselves.

Others: Harboring resentment toward others creates walls between you. Most importantly, holding onto resentment for a past injustice will not undo the experience and does nothing today but cause you pain and deteriorate your relationship.

Here is the reality: When we don’t forgive and let go, we contribute to creating a prison with us and become the inmates. Sometimes, breaking that inner prison and letting the enemy free is one of the most important things we can do to free ourselves and create the life changes we truly desire. Forgiveness is an opportunity to start over, and refocus your attention on what you desire.

Note that everyone experiences lessons in life that are critical for growth. Any wrong you experience can be a lesson or blessing for yourself and others. Unforgiveness is like a virus that affects our emotional and physical health. It can slow down your progress and holds you back from reaching your true potential, your goals, and fulfilling your purpose. It can drain your ability to love, grow, and develop.

As you head into a new year, take a moment to reflect on your past and current actions and your thoughts toward yourself oand others. Are there any mistakes you made that you continue to beat yourself up for? How are you punishing yourself for it?Are you directly or indirectly punishing others for it? It is okay to let it go now. Release yourself from the burden of carrying it with you.

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