Achieve Your Goals. Reach Your Full Potential!

Achievable Goals. Executable Plan.

Setting meaningful goals not only promotes a sense of self-mastery and leads to greater success and performance, but it helps trigger new behaviors, guides our focus, and helps us cultivate and sustain that ideal momentum for forward movement in life.

Why do most people get excited and highly motivated at the beginning when they are setting goals or making resolutions, but that motivation quickly dies down and they fall back into the feeling of being stuck?

For example, if you go to a gym or on a walk in the first week of January, you will see a huge number of “new year’s resolution makers” who have decided to stay physically fit or healthy in the new year. However, by mid-February, you will also start to see most of them have quit.

The real question is, “Why is this the case?”

  • Does the problem lie with the goals or the goal setters?
  • Is it because of the lack of self-sustaining motivation to follow through?
  • Is it because the majority don’t believe they will make it? What about the lack of clarity, alignment, and unshakable confidence?
  • Is it because most New Year’s resolutions and reflections are not transformed into meaningful life goals that will create actionable steps for success? 

The Good News: Our Goal Success and Potential Maximization Recipe unlocks the true answer as it is guaranteed to help you become a successful goal achiever!

How can you break the cycle of a “goal-quitting” ritual and become a successful “goal-setter and achiever?”

Without examining where we are resistant to change … the cycle of resolve, relapse, repeat continues year after year.

Britt Frank

Do you feel like you have great potential and ideas, and maybe even a great plan, but you struggle to follow through?

Many of us have no shortage of wantsdesireshopes, and dreams. What we struggle with is gaining the right tools to always transform those desires and intentions into meaningful GOALS that will help us to truy tap into our greatest potential to inspire growthexcitement, and motivation for success!

In this program, in addtion to helping you achieve your life goals, we’re going to dive deep into the creation of success and what brings true, long-term, unshakable confidence that will allow you to maximize your natural strengths to fully unleash your potential.   

This package will help you understand the limiting beliefs and behaviors that lead to self-doubt and low self-confidence. It will give you a blueprint of simple but powerful practices for creating a “Goal Success and Potential Maximization” Plan that meets your unique needs.

Here Is What You Will Learn:

Goal 1: Unleash the Power of the 3-Step Model:

  • WHO: Fully Discover and gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are.
  • WHAT: Identify and Clarify what you most and truly want.
  • HOW: Create and Develop Results-Driven Strategies to Achieve Your Goals and fully maximize your true potential.

Goal 2: Get the full blueprint of Wow Life Recipe for Goal Success and Potential Maximization.

A sustainable change or success happens when we have an honest assessment of where we are, a clear picture of where we want to go, a mechanism to get there, and the ability to sustain and consistently recreate the results we desire.


Our GOALS clarify our vision and purpose and guide us on the path to accomplishing them. All success depends on achieving meaningful goals.

When it comes to goal success and becoming the best you can be, a set of plans or a recipe needs to be followed. The good news is that our “Dare to Dream and Potential Growth” Package which presently has a 98% success rate gives our clients the tools to implement this proven recipe to fulfill their dreams and unleash their full potential!

This Program will help you master powerful steps to Goal Success…

Clarifying what you really want (aligning core values, Setting inspiring intention, setting compelling vision).

Believing you can achieve it (Building a sustainable I-Can-Do Mindset and Strengthening your 5 C’s for cultivating daily resilience).

Concretizing your plans for Success: Identify your WHY, set achievable goals, establish a powerful action plan, and stay focused, excited, and confident.

Developing ongoing commitment and motivation (Powerful tools to build and sustain a balance of accountability, flexibility, and pacing).

Creating a Result-Driven Habit to elevate and accelerate your goal success rate despite all obstacles. Celebrating and sustaining your goal accomplishment ability (Earn it. Live it. Love it. Mak it last).

Scroll through the slides below:

Goal 3: Go beyond “surface-level motivation” to create a self-sustaining motivation engine that will bring more meaning and flow to your life.

  • Discover and clarify the true driving force behind your motivation flow: Your Purpose. Your Passion. Your WHY! Discover what gives you true meaning and forward movement.
  • Discover how to maximize and embrace the power of emotional support given through external encouragement, acknowledgment, feedback, and constructive criticism.
  • Learn how to identify and elevate the enablers of your goals and potential. Discover what magnifies the core of your motivation and momentum.

Learn How to Prevent or Overcome the Pain of Motivation Deficiency and Acute Stagnation and Live Life Forward.

This Program will also help you master powerful steps to fully tap into your greatest potential…

Develop the #1 core underlying belief that transforms “surface level” confidence into “genuine, long-term, unshakable confidence” to elevate your true potential—the growth mindset.

Develop social confidence for meaningful connections. Develop the skills to boost your potential even in the face of rejection, failure, and criticism.

Establish clarity and alignment in choosing a career path that you will love and enjoy.

Instead of shrinking back from risk or being crushed by failure, overcome what holds you back from turning challenges and setbacks into the fuel that ignites your life, improves your competency, and brings your potential to life. 

Navigate the “Humble-Crumble-Hungry” continuum while maximizing your natural talents to accelerate your results.

Let’s Help You Overcome What Holds You Back From Making Lasting Successful Changes. Escape the Cycle of Repeating the Same Limiting Behaviors Year after Year.

Every New Year’s Eve, it’s obvious that millions of people around the globe celebrate with the hope that next year will be better than the last and they will set goals and resolutions.

However, it has been shown that 80-90% of people don’t achieve their new year’s goals and resolutions. In fact, most people abandon those goals and resolutions by mid-February and they quickly fall back into the cycle of old habits, stagnation, and quiet suffering without reaching for transformation. Let your Resolutions and Reflections lead to true Transformation and Success!

Let Your Goals be self-concordant, be inspired by lifelong passions, multiply your potential, and be consistent with your life purpose and core values.

  • Grab the opportunity to discover and achieve goals that matter to you.
  • Equip yourself with the skills you need to set short-term and long-term goals in all areas of your life.
  • Realize your full potential and achieve more than you thought possible.
  • Be empowered to overcome the obstacles that you’ll encounter while working towards your goals.
  • Unleash your full potential, and elevate your commitment, confidence, motivation, and excitement to enjoy both the journey and the destination.

Are You Ready to Accomplish Your Goals and Reach Your Full Potential?

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Meet Emmanuel “Nabs” & Kimberly Nabieu

Hi there, it’s nice meeting you! We are Nabs and Kim Nabieu—your soon-to-be partners on this Wow Life Journey of Transformation! (Yes, we’re married AND work together to engage, empower, and transform the next generation for greatness. We LOVE it, and it brings us GREAT JOY!

Just as any young person or young couples, we have each navigated major life lessons and blessings across different cultures and various challenges. And with transformation being a journey, we have continued to transform over the years.

We have come to master simple and powerful tools and practices to help young people unleash their greatest potential, make changes that move them forward, ignite their passions, fully live their life purpose, and accomplish their goals.

We have over a decade of experience in the fields of life coaching and personal transformation as well as working with young people. Our content is based on our educational background in psychology, social services, development, and leadership.

With our Wow Life “I-CAN-DO” Mindset, our approach is not based on coaching alone but on meaningful partnership. We empower our partners to make changes, overcome circumstances, and enjoy the transformation. We focus on developing talents, building strengths, and moving toward self-actualizing goals. We have enjoyed helping thousands of young people focus on character strengths and those things that make life worth living.

We would love to have you on our Wow Life Journey!

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Kim and Nabs are a young couple who are passionate about engaging, empowering, and transforming the next generation for greatness. They offer transformation coaching services that are guaranteed to help teens and young adults discover their greatest potential, transform from within, create lasting changes, accomplish life goals, and live their best lives.

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