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Hello and Welcome! We are Nabs and Kim Nabieu! Among other things, our drive for personal transformation, growth, leadership, and creating a brighter future for young people drew us closer as friends in 2010 and we later became life partners. Like any other young person or a young couple, we have each navigated major life lessons and blessings across different cultures and various challenges. And with transformation being a journey, we have continued to transform over the years. We have over a decade of experience in the fields of life coaching and personal transformation as well as working with teens, young adults, and vulnerable groups of people in our society. We believe that for young people to become authentic leaders that can brighten tomorrow with a true legacy that endures and replicates, their preparation starts today with a focus on character strengths and the things that make life worth living.

Emmanuel “Nabs” Nabieu

When I look back on my life now, as an adult, I just say “wow.” This is because it is obvious that my childhood, teenage years, and early young adult years were not all that smooth. I endured severe trauma at an early age and experienced painful parental loss and separation for many years.

In addition to struggling to navigate and overcome life issues that often drag down many young people, I specifically remember battling with fear and limiting beliefs about my ability to discover my true potential and live a life of purpose, happiness, and success. These experiences helped me discover how to cultivate tremendous resilience and the ability to reengage my mind, thoughts, and emotions as I respond to life circumstances, make changes, and accomplish goals.

Among other things, I also enjoy swimming, playing sports, going on adventures, and making meaningful connections.

Education/Experiences: Positive Psychology. Certified Master Life Coaching Practitioner, with specific emphasis in the following areas:  Teen/Young Adult Life Coaching, Happiness Life Coaching (Eudaimonic Happiness – True, lasting happiness from within), Life Purpose and Goal Success Life Coaching, and Total Personal Transformation Coaching.
Applied Organizational Psychology and Leadership. Development. Social Services/Child Welfare.

Featured in TEDx, and in a variety of articles including The Post and Courier, Fairfax County Times, UM News Service, and Christianity Today.

Kimberly “Kim” Nabieu

Growing up I had a strong desire for personal transformation and advancement. I took on one of my most significant challenges when I entered the Peace Corps and spent a big part of my life navigating on my own in different cultures.

My transformation continued during my time in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda, where I continued to strengthen my leadership, development, and financial management skills. I have a great passion for equipping the young generation. In addition to partnering with young people to reach their life goals, I have really enjoyed using my experiences, education, practical tools, and practices to help them get better at making, managing, and maintaining money.

I enjoy photography, going on adventures, experiencing nature, reading, and seeing historial sites.

Education/Experiences: Life Coaching, Development, Leadership, Personal Finance, Social Services/Child Welfare (Case Management)

Our content is based on our combined strengths, life experiences, skills, passion, and educational background in psychology, life coaching, social services, personal transformation, personal finance management, development, and leadership. Our approach is not based on coaching alone but on meaningful partnership. We help young people develop talents, maximize their strengths, and move toward self-actualizing goals as tey focus on those things that make life worth living. On our transformation journey, we have eventually learned to no longer see pain and challenges as limitations, but instead as avenues to a greater purpose.

Over the years in our various roles as leaders, mentors, and life coaches, we have enjoyed working with thousands of young people and adults from different places, in different settings, and with different personality types. These diverse experiences and interactions have continued to create a legacy of real value that endures and replicates. Our coaching mission is based on the “I-CAN-DO” Model, which is to empower people to own the results of their breakthroughs as they become more resilient, more capable, and more confident than ever before.

We enjoy helping our clients strengthen their character, expand their connections, boost their courage, and elevate their commitment to make positive changes and respond to life-changing circumstances in ways that can move them forward. We help our clients achieve extraordinary results while using simple but effective tools that are practical, memorable, fun, and easy to grasp and implement. We find joy in engaging each person’s unique learning skills to maximize results.

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General Endorsement & Testimonials

Akima Rogers
Event Planner, JP Co.

I just enjoy his view on life. This has helped me to reshape my focus and be more efficient with the way I use my time. His joy is contagious. I remember when I was struggling with defining my focus in life. In a common conversation with Nabs, he asked me some eye-opening questions that made me rethink my thoughts and found answers. Three powerful destinations to always remember: (a) Where you are coming from (your background, your past, lessons learned along the way). (b) Where you are now (your present moment, your today). (c) Where you are going (your future, your plans, your goals). He said, “It’s hard to progress if you don’t know where you are coming from, where you are at the moment, and where you want to go. Always try to know at least one or two of these destinations.”

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