I am officially known as Mohamed Emmanuel Nabieu but commonly referred to as Nabs. Just like many others, I endured severe trauma at an early age. I experienced painful parental loss and separation, lived on the streets, and spent 10 years of my childhood in an orphanage. These experiences helped me discover how to cultivate tremendous resilience. On my journey, I learned to no longer see pain and challenges as limitations, but instead as avenues to a greater purpose. My coaching method lies around the practical use of both experience-based and scientifically research-based tools to serve, empower, and transform the lives of others. I look forward to partnering with you on this journey of unleashing a more fulfilling life!

My Coaching Mission: To help my clients achieve outstanding RESULTS that they are pleased with. Together, we will focus on the destination while establishing meaningful relationships, and enjoy the journey itself.

Relevant Qualifications: Board Certified (Professional) Master Life Coach. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching Practitioner. Positive Psychology. Applied Organizational Psychology and Leadership. Child Welfare Professional.

Nabs’ recent TEDx talk: University of South Wales, UK

Some Endorsements:

I have known Mohamed for over three years. His natural leadership ability was evident from the first time that I met him. Mohamed is a man of integrity and character. Having worked with his team in a training capacity on two different occasions, I’ve seen first-hand the results of Mohamed’s leadership and coaching skills as he has invested in his staff. And I wouldn’t hesitate to partner with him in the future.

– Beth Ratchford LCSW, MA

Nabs is a singular standout in his ability to connect with people and motivate them towards change. I worked with him as he led the transformation of the Child Rescue Centre to comply with UN best practices and national regulations on child welfare. Nabs achieved buy-in from his staff who were personally affected by the changes, as well as local political leadership, national organizational leadership, and international donors. The changes were necessary but painful to many vested parties and he piloted the transition masterfully, keeping the varying constituents informed and involved. Nabs has a remarkable gift for life coaching, leadership, and speaking and will be an asset to any individual, client, group, or organization he serves.

Cynthia Horner, M.D. FAAFP. Medical Director at Online Care Group/ American Well

Mohamed Nabieu is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. Both smart and professional. Experienced, deadline-oriented, and intelligent person, and broad-minded individual. He is a passionate, great, and creative leader and coach. Thanks to interpersonal skills, Mohamed has great relations with both current partners and potential partners. He’s able to work in a fast-paced environment. Working with Mohamed Nabieu at individual and organizational levels is a signature of success.

Chris Welker, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Northrop Grumman

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