4 Ways to Manage Frustrations.

As humans, it is natural that when things don’t go our way and we feel powerless to change a situation or its outcome, we get frustrated. We all express our frustrations in different forms: Hitting the table, snapping fingers, smacking lips, rolling eyes, sucking teeth, punching walls, we kick an object, we hit ourselves, weContinue reading “4 Ways to Manage Frustrations.”

3 Ways To Reframe Negative Situations

Re-framing = Changing the perspective of a situation.   Imagine this: Each life experience or situation is like a photo inside a frame.  Now, that frame influences the appearance of the photo. Also, the way the photo is seen could be influenced by other factors it such as the environment it is placed in, where itContinue reading “3 Ways To Reframe Negative Situations”

3 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Fears

Let’s start with these questions: Have you been in a situation where you become so afraid of taking the next step? What about the fear of making a change?   Have you ever been afraid of something, but you later found that it wasn’t as bad as you had thought?  For example, as a young boy, IContinue reading “3 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Fears”

4 Ways To Activate Your Mood For An Awesome Week: Mirror Talk

Happy Mood For An AWESOME Week!

4 Powerful Steps to Overcome What Diminishes Your Potential?

Daily Practical Steps to Happiness and Change: #4. Identify and overcome the diminishers of your potential with 4 powerful steps. It’s Another New Week! We all have potential in abundance to do many things. While the potential of some people continue to thrive, some others’ potential continues to be limited or diminished. But where doContinue reading “4 Powerful Steps to Overcome What Diminishes Your Potential?”

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