Is Fighting BACK Holding You Back From Living Life FORWARD?

Is Fighting Back Holding You Back From Living Life Forward ? It’s true that many people seem to get stuck when life gets tough. We all will face challenges that can bring us stress, disappointment, or setbacks. How we choose to deal with these challenges and past life circumstances will either hold us back orContinue reading “Is Fighting BACK Holding You Back From Living Life FORWARD?”

A Grateful Mind is a Happy Mind

The MIND is responsible for our THOUGHTS and our thoughts influence our EMOTIONS – whether happy or sad, positive or negative. Filling your mind with grateful and positive thoughts will result in creating a HAPPY MIND and a HAPPY YOU. Daily Practical Steps to Cultivating a Grateful Mind Cultivating a Grateful Mindset There are manyContinue reading “A Grateful Mind is a Happy Mind”

Achieve Your Goals. Reach Your Full Potential!

8 or 9 out of 10 people QUIT their New year’s GOALS and by Mid-February. They quickly fall back into the cycle of stagnation. The real question is, “Why is this the case? “How can people break the cycle of a “goal-quitting” ritual and become successful “goal-setter and achievers?”
When it comes to goal success and becoming the best you can be, a set of plans or a recipe needs to be followed.
With our goal success Package which presently has a 98% success rate, our goal is to completely empower 50 young people to fully achieve their goals and unlock their greatest potential in 2023. Are you ready to scale up your goal-achieving-rate? Parents let’s help your young person reach their goals and realize their full potential!

8 Powerful Steps to End-of-Year Forgiveness

As the year comes to a close, many of us reflect on the past as we prepare to celebrate the future. Forgiveness is a powerful way to end the year as you pave a new path for yourself.

4 Practices For Managing Daily Frustration

We all want to succeed at what we do. We want to achieve our goals. We want things to go according to a specific plan or how we want them. We have specific expectations, and when they are not met, we get frustrated. When things don’t go our way, we feel powerless to change theContinue reading “4 Practices For Managing Daily Frustration”

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