4 Powerful Steps to Overcome What Diminishes Your Potential?

Daily Practical Steps to Happiness and Change: #4. Identify and overcome the diminishers of your potential with 4 powerful steps. It’s Another New Week! We all have potential in abundance to do many things. While the potential of some people continue to thrive, some others’ potential continues to be limited or diminished. But where doContinue reading “4 Powerful Steps to Overcome What Diminishes Your Potential?”

WOW Your Potential to Life!= “I CAN Vs I CAN’T”

Daily Practical Steps to Making Change and Creating Happiness: #3. Cultivate a Growth Mindset to Overcome the “Why You can’t” with the “How You can!” As we begin a new week in this new year, here is another daily practical step to take as we look at overcoming those little blocks that tend to diminishContinue reading “WOW Your Potential to Life!= “I CAN Vs I CAN’T””

#1: Daily practical steps: Making a change for happiness

Change is hard, right? But the truth is, change is possible! The desire for change is always around us. There was a time as I continued healing through my past life circumstances, I wanted to change some specific aspect of my journey. I wanted to be in a better place to let go, and rewriteContinue reading “#1: Daily practical steps: Making a change for happiness”

Gratitude Gladdens The Heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!! This year, many things may look different, but a GRATEFUL HEART remains constant.  Yes, a new experience may have changed our minds, but the GRATITUDE we feel for each other has not changed. When gratitude floods our hearts, pain and challenges are not entirely seen as obstacles, but as steppingstones to a greaterContinue reading “Gratitude Gladdens The Heart.”


Be the SALT NOT an INSULT. Be the LIGHT in others’ FRIGHT mode. How do you maintain your unique flavor and brightness regardless of all odds? Here are 4 useful tips: Thinking of holding back your joy and light when you go unnoticed or unappreciated even after you have done your best? Considering you beingContinue reading “SALT and LIGHT”

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