At the Heart of Leadership = People + Service

The “Why + Who + What + How + When + Where” of leadership = Serve. Empower. Transform. Why leadership? Who is involved in it? What does leadership mean to you? How does it work? When and where does leadership happen? Providing answers to these questions further suggest 3 reasons: • reason for accepting theContinue reading “At the Heart of Leadership = People + Service”

4 Critical Leadership Choices

With leadership choices being so powerful, what choices are you making as a leader? In this video, I share 4 critical choices every leader makes whether intentionally or unintentionally. Every leadership requires the making of choices, and because the attitude of leaders can be contagious, those choices have a profound impact on the effectiveness ofContinue reading “4 Critical Leadership Choices”

Leading Through Tough Times: A Leader’s 4 “Shows” To boost Team’s Confidence & Engagement.

A Leader’s “4 Shows”: Building Team’s Spirit During Crisis. Leading when things are normal, comfortable, and pleasing can bring out one side of a leader’s demeanor. The other side can be put to a test when tough times hit, things become abnormal, and leadership becomes even more timely, needed, and right. (Details in video below):Continue reading “Leading Through Tough Times: A Leader’s 4 “Shows” To boost Team’s Confidence & Engagement.”

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