Daily practical steps to Change and Happiness: #2

Hello there! Here are 3 daily practical steps to overcome Negative Self-Talks with Positive Thoughts as you create change and happiness. Watch the video below: We are identifying and overcoming those barriers holding us back from creating change and happiness. And we are doing this by taking daily practical steps. Replace your Automatic Negative ThoughtsContinue reading “Daily practical steps to Change and Happiness: #2”


It’s Christmas! The holidays have come. The question is: After everything that has happened this year, how are you feeling about celebrations? Your Hope. Your Faith. Your Love. Your Courage– Don’t lose them.  You might have had a difficult year, and so, you may not want to be in the mood to celebrate the holidays.Continue reading “Happy CHRISTMAS. Happy YOU!”


Hey there! Let me ask you a question: What do you think about when people say, “Happiness is a choice?” You just say “I choose happiness”, and you will become Mr. or Mrs. Happy. And you can start spreading happiness all over the place. This would be nice! You and I know that even thoughContinue reading “Is HAPPINESS just a CHOICE?”

Gratitude Gladdens The Heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!! This year, many things may look different, but a GRATEFUL HEART remains constant.  Yes, a new experience may have changed our minds, but the GRATITUDE we feel for each other has not changed. When gratitude floods our hearts, pain and challenges are not entirely seen as obstacles, but as steppingstones to a greaterContinue reading “Gratitude Gladdens The Heart.”

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