Useful Reminders During Crisis

Useful Reminders For Overcoming Crisis Our schedules have changed. Activities seem abnormal, and life seems to be going at a slower pace. In every life circumstance, what happens to us can be a source of an experience that needs to be defined but what we choose to do with that experience makes the difference. HereContinue reading “Useful Reminders During Crisis”

Inspiration: Wake up! Shake off! Take off!

Inspirational: Wake up! Shake off! Take off! Wow!! What a day to be able to wake up, wiggle my toes, blink my eyes, and I can move! Affirmation: Today is going to be an amazing day. Yesterday had its challenges and blessings. Today is that day to transform those challenges into vital lessons and magnifyContinue reading “Inspiration: Wake up! Shake off! Take off!”

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