Refocusing Joy Limiting Expectations

Focusing on setting Expectations for Joy We do mean well when we hold certain expectations. Sometimes, as our thoughts, emotions, and imagination continue to fluctuate around those expectations and their outcomes, the tendency for our joy to start getting limited by those mixed feelings increases as our focus starts wavering. Here are three reminders asContinue reading “Refocusing Joy Limiting Expectations”

Layers of limitations to happiness: Layer 3: Managing Desires & Expectations

In layer 1, we started with ourselves, knowing who we truly are by embracing our uniqueness, our authentic and simplistic nature. In layer 2, we talked about happiness itself. By discovering its true origin within us, and redirecting our focus on embracing more of the inner happiness, which gives true joy, and reasons to beContinue reading “Layers of limitations to happiness: Layer 3: Managing Desires & Expectations”

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