Gratitude Gladdens The Heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!! This year, many things may look different, but a GRATEFUL HEART remains constant.  Yes, a new experience may have changed our minds, but the GRATITUDE we feel for each other has not changed. When gratitude floods our hearts, pain and challenges are not entirely seen as obstacles, but as steppingstones to a greaterContinue reading “Gratitude Gladdens The Heart.”

Inspiration: Wake up! Shake off! Take off!

Inspirational: Wake up! Shake off! Take off! Wow!! What a day to be able to wake up, wiggle my toes, blink my eyes, and I can move! Affirmation: Today is going to be an amazing day. Yesterday had its challenges and blessings. Today is that day to transform those challenges into vital lessons and magnifyContinue reading “Inspiration: Wake up! Shake off! Take off!”

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