Be Strong & Courageous! No Quitting!

6 useful choices What choice are we making during life circumstances? Remember that holding on or giving up, winning or losing in life has a lot to do with the alignment of our attitude and mindset with our DESIRES (what we want), BELIEFS (we can), MOTIVATION (we want to), and ACTIONS (doing). Here are sixContinue reading “Be Strong & Courageous! No Quitting!”

You Are Not Done!

Instead of quitting, and thinking that you are done, reconsider the following three fundamental aspects: Recognize your “Multipliers” and then increase and nurture them. Recognize your “Diminishers” and then reduce and overcome them. Reexamine the three core elements for self-examination for a change: Belief system, Desire/motivation, Action. Stay strong and courageous! Be the first toContinue reading “You Are Not Done!”

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