Unlock Your Potential

Do you feel like you have great potential and ideas, and maybe even a great plan, but you struggle to follow through?

The truth is many of us feel this way most of the time. We know what we need to do but we don’t do it. We procrastinate. We talk ourselves out of it as our inner critic goes on the attack. We develop self-doubt.

Package Curriculum

In this program, we’re going to dive deep into the psychology of success and what creates true, long-term, unshakable confidence that will allow you to maximize your natural strengths to fully unleash your potential.   

This package will help you understand the limiting beliefs and behaviors that lead to self-doubt and low self-confidence. It will give you a blueprint of simple but powerful practices for creating a “Confidence and Potential Maximization” Plan that meets your unique needs.


  • Develop the #1 core underlying belief that unlocks genuine confidence to elevate your potential—the growth mindset
  • Develop the skills to boost your potential even in the face of rejection, failure, and criticism  
  •  Develop social confidence and expand your meaningful connections


  • Establishing clarity and alignment in choosing a career path that you will love and enjoy.
  • Clarifying your life purpose and passions to maximize your potential
  • Gian clarity around what you truly want and develop practical action steps that will help you maintain momentum.


  • Overcome limiting beliefs, procrastination, and self-sabotaging practices and empower your potential
  • Overcome fear and develop a strong belief in your potential.
  • Instead of shrinking back from risk or being crushed by failure, overcome what holds you back from turning challenges and setbacks into the fuel that ignites your life, improves your competency, and brings your potential to life. 


  • Navigate the “Humble-Crumble-Hungry” continuum
  • Transform “surface level” confidence into “genuine, long-term, unshakable confidence” that constantly unlocks your potential
  • Maximize your natural talents and accelerate your results
  • Feel more empowered to confidently take the steps to improve your competency and truly tap into your potential. 
Joseph J.
Warehouse Operative
November 20, 2022
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Oh my God! Nabs and Kim can truly build that “I-Can-Do” attitude in others. I admire their courage, humility, and dedication to whatever they do. Working with them one-on-one has brought great changes in my life. They move out of their comfort zones to help someone accomplish their dreams. They see the good in every person. They helped me believe in myself, and my ability and increased my self-esteem. With their coaching, I was able to build the confidence to go out there and unleash my potential to the fullest.

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I just enjoy his view on life. This has helped me to reshape my focus and be more efficient with the way I use my time. His joy is contagious. I remember when I was struggling with defining my focus in life. In a common conversation with Nabs, he asked me some eye-opening questions that made me rethink my thoughts and found answers. Three powerful destinations to always remember: (a) Where you are coming from (your background, your past, lessons learned along the way). (b) Where you are now (your present moment, your today). (c) Where you are going (your future, your plans, your goals). He said, “It’s hard to progress if you don’t know where you are coming from, where you are at the moment, and where you want to go. Always try to know at least one or two of these destinations.”

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Meet Emmanuel “Nabs” & Kimberly Nabieu

Hi there, it’s nice meeting you! We are Nabs and Kim Nabieu—your soon-to-be partners on this Wow Life Journey of Transformation! (Yes, we’re married AND work together to engage, empower, and transform the next generation for greatness. We LOVE it, and it brings us GREAT JOY!

Just as any young person or young couples, we have each navigated major life lessons and blessings across different cultures and various challenges. And with transformation being a journey, we have continued to transform over the years.

We have come to master simple and powerful tools and practices to help young people unleash their greatest potential, make changes that move them forward, ignite their passions, fully live their life purpose, and accomplish their goals.

We have over a decade of experience in the fields of life coaching and personal transformation as well as working with children, teenagers, young adults, and vulnerable groups of people in our society. Our content is based on our educational background in psychology, social services, development, and leadership.

With our Wow Life “I-CAN-DO” Mindset, our approach is not based on coaching alone but on meaningful partnership. We empower our partners to make changes, overcome circumstances, and enjoy transformation. We focus on developing talents, building strengths, and moving toward self-actualizing goals. We have enjoyed helping thousands of young people focus on character strengths and those things that make life worth living.

We would love to have you on our Wow Life Journey!

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