A Grateful Mind is a Happy Mind

The MIND is responsible for our THOUGHTS and our thoughts influence our EMOTIONS – whether happy or sad, positive or negative. Filling your mind with grateful and positive thoughts will result in creating a HAPPY MIND and a HAPPY YOU.

There are many ways to cultivate the habit of gratitude. Here are a few ways:

Just like our happiness is not to be postponed, neither should our gratitude be delayed. When we make it a habit to take the moment to notice and acknowledge the things we’re grateful for, the chances are that our outlook on life will be brightened and our mood will be boosted. This helps us feel more positive in the face of daily challenges.

Thank you is a magic word that changes hearts and minds. Take the time to recognize good deeds and show that by saying “Thank You.” Gratitude changes it all!

Learn to focus on the moment and enjoy its beauty. Too much time spent dwelling on the past and obsessing with the future can prevent us from unleashing the true beauty and joy of the moment.

Staying positive can be hard but trying to do so as much as possible can make all the difference. Transform negatives thoughts into positive, empowering thoughts. Changing the habit of entitlement and negativtiy into gratitude can be transformational.

Start a gratitude journal/tracker to start being intentional about acknowleding things you are grateful for. This could be even simple things that you may want to take for granted. Things like having access to running water, access to food, waking up in the morning, being alive, etc. At the end of each day, think about what went well and show your gratitude for it.

Gratitude and Happiness are contagious. Pass them along!

Weekly Challenge:

  • As you go into a new week, what is one thing you are grateful for?
  • How are you going to be deliberate about increasing your level of gratitude?

Weekly Gratitude Reflection Sheet: Download.

Published by Nabs and Kim Nabieu!

Kim and Nabs are a young couple who are passionate about engaging, empowering, and transforming the next generation for greatness. They offer transformation coaching services that are guaranteed to help teens and young adults discover their greatest potential, transform from within, create lasting changes, accomplish life goals, and live their best lives.

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