Is Fighting BACK Holding You Back From Living Life FORWARD?

It’s true that many people seem to get stuck when life gets tough. We all will face challenges that can bring us stress, disappointment, or setbacks. How we choose to deal with these challenges and past life circumstances will either hold us back or push us forward.

Not fighting back doesn’t mean you just let things happen to us without taking any action. It has to do with taking action that can empower you for progress. You don’t have to settle for a life that’s less than what you want. You can fight forward to pursue the life you truly desire. Fighting forward is a habit that can be cultivated.

In Which Direction Are You Letting Life Circumstances Take You? : Fighting forward starts with realizing that your daily life’s events and circumstances- whether good, bad, or indifferent can set a course for what can motivate or direct you, and they can also be of hindrance to your growth and progress by holding you back if you let them. I used to ask myself, “How is holding on to grudges, malice, bad feelings, and regrets moving me forward? I later realized that carrying excess emotional baggage is a burden, and the only person that this baggage truly bothers, weighs down, and holds back is you!

Who is in charge here – You or Your Past?: We all have our past circumstances. The goal is not just to blindly forget what has happened to you and pretend as if it never happened. Fighting forward has to do with you NOT allowing your past to hold you down by dwelling on it in ways that can suck out your potential and determination to grow, learn, and live life forward. Fight forward by validating your feelings about the past and dealing with those feelings in a way that they make you and not break you. If we don’t handle, direct, and re-direct our past, our past will tend to take control and do it for us.

Strengthening Your Resilience With Hope and Faith: Increasing your hope while trusting that situations are redeemable and there is hope for better circumstances ahead is a big step to fighting forward. Hope and Faith can help you see your current circumstances as a way station to a better place. With this mindset, you can continue to fight forward, realizing that your life circumstances are never going to knock you down to a point where you can’t bounce back. Resilience is both about acknowledging your challenges or situation and also acknowledging your hope and faith that things will be okay. No condition is ever permanent.

Connections. Gratitude. Purpose: Your sense of purpose is amplified with connection and gratitude. Know what adds meaning to your life – your grander vision. Connect that vision to the people around you and be grateful for that. Having a sense of community and knowing that you are not alone keeps you going forward. Taking the time to recognize and be grateful for life, for what you have, what you have accomplished, and how far you have come can serve as a source of encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward. Instead of dwelling on fighting back for things that didn’t go well, holding grudges or resentments, or filling your mind with regrets, you can learn to appreciate the progress you have made – be it little or big. A grateful mind is a mind of progress!

For-GIVING your past life circumstances or Regrets: It’s not only abour for-getting your past, but learn to for-GIVE it as well. Unlock that greatness within you and give your past a reason to see that you are stronger and the life ahead of you is greater than what you are leaving behind. Give it a new narrative using the lessons learned from it. And eventually, transform that lesson into a blessing. Give it a purpose by turning that pain into a change for good.  Turn that fear from it into a faith that strengthens your hope for the better, for a greater purpose.  Don’t let your past get you. Give it the new you, the better you because you have come out stronger. You have come out better and not bitter. You do not see yourself as the victimized one, but you now see yourself as the victorious one. You are resilient.  Life may have knocked you down to fall but you fell forward. So is not about fighting back but fighting forward.

Life Happens…Transformation Happens! Don’t quit…Keep Moving Forward! Don’t worry about how slow you may be going…Think about the progress you are making on a daily basis. Have a wonderful Week!

As you plan to keep LIVING LIFE FORWARD, highlight a few ways you are going to be intentional to FIGHT FORWARD this Week. Download the Free Worksheet Below:

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